The Jazz Masters

Here, presented for the first time in a single set, are all the “master” takes of five legendary figures in jazz, each of them an artist whose performing-skills and creative genius brought them to leave their mark on the history of 20th century popular music. Taken together, their recordings – some of them long unavailable – constitute a heritage of infinite variety and richness, making the release of these five sets a major event on record.
The concept and production of these sets has received particular attention with the aim of making them available in a luxury package at an attractive price; as precious objects in themselves they will satisfy not only connoisseurs but also music-lovers with curiosity and the desire to enrich their record-collections.Each set contains:

  • between 13 and 15 CDs in the Digisleeve® format, with a total of up to 300 titles, representing some 15 hours of music, re-mastered in 24-bit.
  • a 68-page colour booklet containing a biographical essay with a detailed discography, and abundantly illustrated with photographs, sheet-music, original record-sleeves….

Limited edition.